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Residential Air Balancing Certification Opportunity - Idaho Falls

  • Idaho Falls City Council Chamber 680 Park Avenue Idaho Falls, ID, 83402 United States (map)

Balancing the airflow in residential HVAC systems, as required in ACCA Manual D, is “the proof of the pudding” to ensure comfort and efficiency. Many local jurisdictions are requiring balance reports by certified air-balance technicians on new HVAC systems. Additionally, contractors who design their systems according to ACCA Manuals J, S, and D realize that balancing the installed system is the only way to ensure a system performs in accordance with the design, whether or not balancing is required by the local jurisdiction.

The Idaho Association of Building Officials (IDABO) has made available its certification program in Residential Air Balancing for those local jurisdictions that chose to recognize it as a means to complying with balancing requirements. Even if you were certified under a different program, such as NCI (National Comfort Institute), you can re-certify under IDABO’s program and be certain that it will be recognized in Idaho, but at only a fraction of the cost.

Cost: $100 per person